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Dose Modulation - Video Lesson

Welcome back. You probably understand by now that most modern CT scanners are equipped with the ability to change the MA during scan based on the density of the tissues being imaged. That's the idea of dose modulation, and that's the topic of this lesson. There's several generic terms that we use to describe dose modulation technologies. Sometimes we call it variable MA, but it may also be called automatic exposure control in CT called AEC or it might be called the automatic tube current modulation or ATCM. These generic terms all refer the same basic kinds of software, which modulate the MA or sometimes the KVP based on the density of the TIP shoes were imaging. So really dense areas are going to receive the highest dose, and the least dense areas are going to receive the lowest dose. Specific vendors use specific names to describe these technologies. For example, GE uses smart MA and auto MA, Sure exposure is the term used by Toshiba

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