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A New Approach To Diagnostic Imaging Training, Exam Prep, & Continuing Education

We support the success of a new generation of healthcare students and professionals through the development and delivery of innovative and exceptional video-based courses and assessment tools.

  • Gain Confidence & Understanding
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Clover Learning platform on a laptop
Rated 5 stars
We have replaced other programs for registry prep and concept reinforcement with RadTechBootCamp and we look forward to continuing to use it in the future. I am excited to see what they come up with next. Thanks so much for creating such a useful tool!
Jessyca W
Jessyca W
Radiography Educator
Rated 5 stars
The videos were key parts in me finally getting a grasp on the tube circuitry and electron/photon physics. I am a visual and hands-on learner so just reading from a textbook doesn’t get the point across quickly. I loved RadTechBootCamp and have already recommended it to other people.
Cathy H
Cathy H
Radiography Student

Providing the tools to succeed

Reimagining Healthcare Training & Exam Prep

We believe diagnostic imaging training and exam preparation does not need to be stressful, time-intensive, or expensive! Our innovative and reimagined video-based courses and assessment tools are proven to accelerate the knowledge and confidence required to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly changing medical field.

Accelerate Learning

Build mastery efficiently through unique and engaging video lessons, assessments, and interactive learning tools.

World Class Content

All content is created by top industry experts and peer-reviewed to ensure content is accurate and up-to-date.

Powerful Learning Experience

Learn at your own pace and when and where you want through our multi-feature robust online learning platform.

A Fully Integrated Suite of Powerful Online Learning Tools

We bring together everything needed to support the training and exam preparation of a new generation of visual-first and tech-savvy students and professionals. Our all-in-one suite of powerful learning tools allows users to learn at their own pace and on-demand.


Our best-in-class video lessons increase knowledge and retention of key concepts and principles through utilizing illustrations, animation, and mental hooks.

Quizzes & Assessments

Multiple-choice lesson quizzes and module assessments support comprehension and understanding of key concepts within each video lesson.

Interactive Learning Resources

Interactive learning resources such as lesson flashcards, clickable images, and eBooks provide an additional resource to augment and enhance memorization of key concepts and principles.

Clover Learning platform on multiple devices

Everything you need

All-In-One Platform

Easily access training, exam prep, and engagement reporting in one powerful web-based platform.

Learn Efficiently

Unique and engaging content to support the learning needs of a new generation of visual learners.

Developed By Experts

Content created by top educators with over 50 years of combined classroom and clinical experience.

Intuitive Learning Environment

Flexible learning environment allows users to learn at their own pace and when they are most receptive.

Up-To-Date Content

All content is created and reviewed using the most up-to-date resources and publications.

Peer Reviewed for Accuracy

Lesson content and exam prep question bank undergo continual peer review by industry experts to ensure accuracy.

Access Online, 24/7

Learn when and where you want 24/7 and on any connected computer or mobile device.

Exceptional Customer Support

Fast and responsive support team provides quick and helpful email support.

Bookmarks and Favorites

Bookmark and save your favorite videos and learning resources for easy access.

The Results You Want, The Content You Need!

For Students

Build confidence and understanding through video-based learning and multi-feature certification exam prep tools.

For Educators

Support the training and registry exam prep needs of your students through our academic license program.

For Professionals

Advance your career through high-quality video-based training, exam prep, and continuing education content.

For Managers

Empower your staff and stay compliant through our video-based training, professional development, and continuing education content.

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RadTechBootCamp is the most powerful video-based online radiography review & Registry exam prep resource in the world!


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Discover the world's most powerful online video-based Computed Tomography training, ARRT® Registry prep, and CE resource available!

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