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Exceptional Content Created By Exceptional People!

The mission of Clover Learning is to transform students into professionals and professionals into experts!

Clover Learning, Inc. is a pioneer in online healthcare education for the diagnostic imaging field. Our online learning resources support radiography and computed tomography students and professionals through our "best in industry" catalog of unique and engaging video lessons, quizzes and assessments, interactive learning tools, and Certification Exam prep application. All learning content is developed by top-tier educators with years of both classroom and clinical experience. Clover Learning was founded in early 2017 and has since become one of the fastest-growing companies within our industry. Noted customers include MD Anderson, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Indiana University, Alabama State, Northern Kentucky University, and many other well-known colleges and universities. In 2018 Clover Learning was accepted as a cohort company into one of the countries best-known healthcare accelerators, XLerateHealth. The goal of Clover Learning is to become the gold standard for digital education within our industry!

Meet The Team

  • Ari Blum

    Ari Blum

    Founder & CEO

  • Jenna McCullough

    Jenna McCullough

    Director of Operations

  • Austin Stephenson

    Austin Stephenson

    Creative Director

  • Lisa Finnegan, R.T. (R)(CT)(BD)

    Lisa Finnegan, R.T. (R)(CT)(BD)

    Director of Product Development

  • Johnathan Baize, Ph. D.

    Johnathan Baize, Ph. D.

    Director of Education

  • Amanda Magee, PMP

    Amanda Magee, PMP

    Director of Projects and Initiatives

  • Michael Francis

    Michael Francis

    Director of Engineering

  • Brittany Brackbill

    Brittany Brackbill

    Customer Success Associate

  • Lauren DeNicola

    Lauren DeNicola

    Instructional Designer

  • Alex Dobson

    Alex Dobson

    Motion Graphics and Design Lead

  • Lottie Greer

    Lottie Greer

    Video Editor

  • Madalyn Stack

    Madalyn Stack

    Graphic Designer

  • Amber Langlois

    Amber Langlois

    Content Development and Quality Manager

  • Crockett Jenkins

    Crockett Jenkins

    Customer Support Manager

  • Tiara Volpe, MBA, RT (R)(MR)

    Tiara Volpe, MBA, RT (R)(MR)

    Account Executive

  • Jenn Sanders, CSM

    Jenn Sanders, CSM

    Technical Manager

  • Gina Robertson

    Gina Robertson

    Finance Manager

  • Brian Maier Jr.

    Brian Maier Jr.

    Senior Front-end Developer

  • Nancy Mok

    Nancy Mok

    Customer Success Associate

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