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Dose Warnings - Video Lesson

The law requires that modern CT scanners be equipped with various kinds of dose warnings, and that's the topic of this lesson. There's two types of dose warnings that are equipped on modern CT scanners. The first level of warning is called a dose notification, and the second level warning is called a dose alert. The appearance of a dose notification warning on CT scanner can look different depending on the type of CT scanner the technologist is using, but some type of notification is going to be blade on the technologist control panel when the CTDI for the scan is set to exceed some predetermined dose notification value. So in this particular example, the warning reads that the predicted CTDI which apparently is fifty nine milligrams exceeds the dose notification value of fifth d miller gray. Probably what happened is the technologist changed one of the preset parameters like they increased the MA or increased KVP, maybe the technologist decreased the pitch. But for whatever the reason is, this warning is going to pop

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