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Optimization Techniques - Video Lesson

Welcome back. This lesson is about dose optimization techniques. As with all diagnostic imaging modalities, the goal in CT is to use the optimal dose of radiation So what exactly is an optimal dose? Let's look at an example. Here's a picture of three different images of the heart that were all created with different techniques that resulted in patient doses. The first image on the far left resulted in a CTDI of thirty milligrams, which apparently was way too low because the image quality is not very good. In the next image in the middle, the technique was increased and this resulted in a CTDI of fifty milligram And apparently, this was a good technique and a good dose because this resulted in good image quality. In the final image to the far right, the dose was increased again up to one hundred milligram, and this also resulted in good image quality. The unfortunate thing about this last image is it was too much radiation. If we got a good image at fifty milligray, there was

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