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I absolutely love this program! I have been teaching the same courses for 13 years and recently started teaching all of the exposure/theory material. This is difficult for the students to grasp, but the videos put it in simple terms. I have played the videos on key topics and did the quiz with students prior to doing my lecture. This is a short preview that makes the details in my presentation easier to handle. My senior students are completing registry review to prepare for the boards in May. In my survey, Clover Learning (RadTechBootCamp) was their favorite
Cynthia R.
I use Clover Learning (RadTechBootcamp) with my students throughout their radiography program. The videos are relatively short, which makes it easy to watch multiple videos in one sitting. The videos do a fantastic job of explaining complex concepts in a succinct and interesting manner. No matter where students are in the program, RTBC has something for them. Plus, the reusability of the content and quizzes is excellent for concept checks while preparing for the ARRT® Registry.
Jennifer B.