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Discover How Our Radiography Training and Registry Exam Prep Content Can Support You and Your Student! 

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Transforming students to successful technology.

RadTechBootCamp is MUCH MORE than just another Radiography Registry Exam prep resource!

We believe radiography training and Registry Exam prep does not need to be boring, expensive, or from a textbook alone. RadTechBootCamp's powerful video-based lessons, assessments, and large Radiography and Limited Radiography Registry Exam prep question bank have been used to transform thousands of students into working technologists!

Supports Visual Learning

Our unique and engaging video lessons increase comprehension and retention of complex radiography concepts and principles through incorporating illustrations, animations, and mental hooks.

Student Focused

All content has been created and peer-reviewed by top radiography educators with decades of both classroom and clinical experience.

End Confusion & Anxiety

Build confidence by testing your knowledge through hundreds of quizzes, assessments, and our powerful general Radiography and Limited Radiography Registry prep question bank.

Simplify Learning & Review

The RadTechBootCamp bundle provides all the tools needed to make learning radiography and ARRT® Registry exam prep easy.

Up-To-Date Content

All content is created and reviewed using the most up-to-date resources and publications.

Peer Reviewed for Accuracy

Lesson content and exam prep question bank undergo continual peer review by industry experts to ensure accuracy.

About Our Academic License

RadTechBootCamp is MUCH more than just another Radiography training and Registry Exam prep resource!

It should come as no surprise that today's students want to learn through a visual and self-paced learning experience. For most students, long classroom lectures and technical textbooks just aren't the answer. The RadTechBootCamp academic licenses provide Radiography programs of all sizes with the tools and resources they need to support the training and registry certification exam prep of a new generation of visual-first and tech-savvy students.

RadTechBootCamp Academic License

Courses & Subjects Covered

The RadTechBootCamp Academic Licenses provides everything your students need to succeed in their classes, clinicals, and on the Radiography Registry exam!

Rated 5 stars
I used radtechbootcamp and thanks to all the useful videos and lessons as well as quizzes and tests, I had good knowledge to pass my exam successfully. Honestly, their teaching videos are exceptional! Highly recommend for students
Doung T.
Doung T.
Radiography Student
Rated 5 stars
We have replaced other programs for registry prep and concept reinforcement with RadTechBootCamp and we look forward to continuing to use it in the future. I am excited to see what they come up with next. Thanks so much for creating such a useful tool!
Jessyca W
Jessyca W
Radiography Educator

The Tools Educators Need for The Results They Want

Access the tools you and your team need to support the success of your students!

A Fully Integrated Suite of Powerful Online Learning Tools

We bring together all the tools needed to support the training and registry exam preparation of a new generation of visual-first and tech-savvy radiography students and professionals.


Our best-in-class video lessons increase knowledge and retention of key concepts and principles through utilizing illustrations, animation, and mental hooks.

Quizzes & Assessments

Multiple-choice lesson quizzes and module assessments support comprehension and understanding of key concepts within each video lesson.

Interactive Learning Resources

Interactive learning resources such as lesson flashcards, clickable images, and eBooks provide an additional resource to augment and enhance memorization of key concepts and principles.

Registry Exam Prep Question Bank

Users can test their knowledge and build confidence over the topics and principles presented within the ARRT® general Radiography and Limited Radiography Registry exam through our powerful 1,600+ question exam prep tool.

Learn how we can support your institution’s goals

Discover what sets us apart!

We believe the best way to see just how powerful the RadTechBootCamp learning resource is, is to try it for yourself! Click the button below to connect with our sales team so that we can show you just how powerful our radiography training and exam prep resources are!

Exam-Based Assignment Tool

The Assignment Tool is a powerful solution for creating and assigning custom exams to one or multiple students. The Assignment tool includes a powerful exam and assignment builder and access to our ARRT® Mock Registry Exam simulator. Educators can create custom exams or simulated Mock Registry Exams from a large educator-specific question bank or open bank.

  • Create Customer Exams

  • Large Educator-Specific Question Bank

  • Includes RT and LMRT Qbanks

Robust Engagement Reporting

The Pulse reporting application allows students and educators to access past engagement history and grades over video lessons, quizzes, assessments, and exams taken within the Exam Prep application.

  • Access multiple reporting types

  • Filter by date or range

  • Easily find the report you are looking for