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What to Expect from RadTechBootCamp’s “Refresh” Project

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The first thing you can expect from the update to our video lessons is maybe what hasn’t changed: Clover Learning’s commitment to our customers. Providing clear, accurate, dynamic videos aimed at making complex concepts accessible to our learners has always been our goal, and it always will be.

Fulfilling this commitment to you, particularly in the ever evolving healthcare fields, means we too must continue to evolve and improve. Part of this evolution is our decision to refresh our entire RadTechBootCamp catalog with an eye toward improving the quality and accuracy of each aspect of the video lessons in terms of looks, content, and assessments.

The most visible of these upgrades will be in graphics and animations. The Clover Learning team of professional graphic designers and animators have gone over each image to improve its aesthetic appeal and accuracy. You will notice in these refreshed videos a significant upgrade in the attention to detail and a consistency of the visuals throughout. These accurate and engaging graphics provide our learners an enhanced visual experience to understand complex ideas and visualize the concepts and processes of radiographic image production.

Along with this upgrade in the look and feel of our videos, we have also reviewed each video and revised the content for accuracy and to reflect changes in the field of radiography and certification requirements. In addition, Clover Learning has hired experienced educators to rethink and enhance the presentation of our content in accordance with research in asynchronous e-learning and cognitive load theory.

Finally, each of the post-video quiz assessments has been revised to reflect two key improvements. The first is that each post-video quiz will contain only questions directly connected to the content covered in the video with which it is associated. This change was made so learners could self-evaluate their understanding of the content quickly and know where to go for review. Secondly, the questions themselves have been reviewed and revised using assessment item writing best practices to ensure learners an accurate assessment of their understanding.

It is our sincere hope that with this announcement, and the first phase release of our refreshed videos, Clover Learning has generated excitement for what you can expect from the rest of our RadTechBoot Camp re-release and all our future products.

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Founder & CEO of Clover Learning

As the Founder and CEO of Clover Learning, Ari has been leading a healthcare e-learning company that provides online courses and certification programs for radiologic technologists and other medical professionals since 2016. With his radiology background and interdisciplinary studies in healthcare and business management, he has a unique perspective and expertise in creating and delivering high-quality and engaging educational content for the healthcare industry.