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Gurnick Academy
Indiana University
MD Anderson Cancer Clinic
Northern Kentucky
The University of Alabama
Rated 5 stars
I used radtechbootcamp and thanks to all the useful videos and lessons as well as quizzes and tests, I had good knowledge to pass my exam successfully. Honestly, their teaching videos are exceptional! Highly recommend for students
Doung T.
Radiography Student
Rated 5 stars
The videos were key parts in me finally getting a grasp on the tube circuitry and electron/photon physics. I am a visual and hands-on learner so just reading from a textbook doesn’t get the point across quickly. I loved RadTechBootCamp and have already recommended it to other people.

Transforming students through successful technology.

RadTechBootCamp is MUCH MORE than just another Radiography Registry Exam prep resource!

We believe radiography training and registry exam prep does not need to be boring, expensive, or from a textbook alone. RadTechBootCamp's powerful video-based lessons, assessments, and large registry exam prep question bank has been used to transform thousands of students into working technologists!

Save Time & Effort

Our unique and engaging video lessons increase comprehension and retention by breaking down and clarifying key radiography concepts and principles.

Simplify Learning & Review

The RadTechBootCamp bundle provides all the tools needed to make learning radiography and ARRT® Registry exam prep easy.

End Confusion & Anxiety

Build confidence by testing your knowledge through hundreds of quizzes, assessments, and our powerful general Radiography and Limited Radiography Registry prep question bank.

Everything You Need

What Makes Us Great!

See why RadTechBootCamp is the choice for thousands of radiography students just like you!

Learn Efficiently

Unique and engaging content to support the learning needs of a new generation of visual learners.

Intuitive Learning Environment

Flexible learning environment allows users to learn at their own pace and when they are most receptive.

Exceptional Customer Support

Fast and responsive support team provides quick and helpful email support.

Developed By Experts

Content created by top educators with over 50-years of combined classroom and clinical experience.

Bookmarks and Favorites

Bookmark and save your favorite videos and learning resources for easy access.

Peer Reviewed for Accuracy

Lesson content and exam prep question bank undergo continual peer review by industry experts to ensure accuracy.

Powerful Learning Experience

Learn at your own pace and when and where you want through our multi-feature robust online learning platform.

Up-To-Date Content

All content is created and reviewed using the most up-to-date resources and publications.

RadTechBootCamp bundle

Courses & Subjects Covered

The RadTechBootCamp bundle includes everything you need to succeed in class, clinicals, and the Radiography Registry exam!

  • X-Ray Production

  • X-Ray Interactions with Matter

  • Radiation Units of Measurement

  • Radiosensitivity

  • Radiation Biology

  • Radiation Protection

  • Radiation Detection Devices

  • Electrical Physics

  • X-Ray Circuit

  • X-Ray Tube and Components

  • X-Ray Beam

  • Primary Exposure Factors

  • Advanced Exposure Factors

  • Image Quality Factors

  • CR and DR Imaging Systems

  • Digital Matric and Pixels

  • Dynamic Range and Exposure Latitude

  • Histograms

  • PACS

  • Image Evaluation (pre and post imaging errors)

  • Quality Control

  • Vitals signs

  • Basic EKG

  • IV Contrast

  • Barium Contrast

  • Lab values

  • Abdomen Routine

  • Abdomen Special Views

  • Acromioclavicular Joints

  • Ankle Routine

  • Ankle Special Views

  • Clavicle Routine

  • Chest Routine

  • Chest Special Views

  • Chest Mobile Views

  • Cervical Spine Routine

  • Cervical Spine Special Views

  • Calcaneus Routine

  • Elbow Routine

  • Elbow Special Views

  • Finger/Thumb Routine

  • Foot Routine

  • Facial Bones Routine

  • Forearm Routine

  • Femur Routine

  • Hand Routine

  • Humerus Routine

  • Humerus Special Views

  • Hip Routine

  • Hip Special Views

  • Knee/Patella Routine

  • Knee/Patella Special Views

  • Lumbar Spine Routine

  • Nasal Bones Routine

  • Pelvis Routine

  • Pelvis Special Views

  • Ribs Routine

  • Shoulder Routine

  • Shoulder Special Views

  • Sacrum Routine

  • Scapula Routine

  • Soft Tissue Neck Routine

  • Sacrum / Coccyx Routine

  • Sacroiliac Joint

  • Sternum Routine

  • Skull Routine

  • Skull Special Views

  • Sinuses Routine

  • Sinuses Special Views

  • Toes Routine

  • Toes Special Views

  • Tibia/Fibula Routine

  • Thoracic Spine Routine

  • Wrist Routine

  • Wrist Special Views

  • *Cross-sectional Anatomy (Overview)

  • *Projections & Positioning Planes

  • Fluoroscopy Equipment Design

  • Fluoroscopy Exposure Factors

  • Fluoroscopy Image Quality

  • Fluoroscopy Patient Radiation Protection

  • Fluoroscopy Personal Radiation Safety

See Why RadTechBootCamp Is The Choice For Thousands Of Radiography Students Just Like You!

Helps You Master Radiography

Increases Confidence In Confusing Technical Concepts

The Real SECRET For Learning Hard to Understand Radiography Concepts

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  • 75+ Interactive Image

  • 1,600+ Registry Exam Prep question bank

  • Unlimited Simulated ARRT® Registry Exams

  • Access 24/7 on Any Device

  • Dedicated Email Customer Support

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RadTechBootCamp Academic License

Discover today how you can bring RadTechBootCamp into your Radiography Program

A Fully Integrated Suite of Powerful Online Learning Tools

We bring together all the tools needed to support the training and registry exam preparation of a new generation of visual-first and tech-savvy radiography students and professionals.


Our best-in-class video lessons increase knowledge and retention of key concepts and principles through utilizing illustrations, animation, and mental hooks.

Quizzes & Assessments

Multiple-choice lesson quizzes and module assessments support comprehension and understanding of key concepts within each video lesson.

Interactive Learning Resources

Interactive learning resources such as lesson flashcards, clickable images, and eBooks provide an additional resource to augment and enhance memorization of key concepts and principles.

Registry Exam Prep Question Bank

Users can test their knowledge and build confidence over the topics and principles presented within the ARRT® general Radiography and Limited Radiography Registry exam through our powerful 1,600+ question exam prep tool.

Freqently Asked Question

Is RadTechBootCamp only for Registry Exam prep?

No! RadTechBootCamp was created to help those searching for a comprehensive video-based radiography training and Registry Exam prep resource. RadTechBootCamp is ideal for current radiography students, those preparing for the ARRT® Radiography or Limited Radiography Registry Exam, technologists who have had their certification license lapse, or anyone else wishing to learn or review radiographic concepts and principles.

How often is your content updated?

It is the goal and passion of everyone at Clover Learning to provide the single best learning resource available! We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensure all content, whether from video lessons, quizzes and assessments, or exam prep question bank, is accurate and up-to-date.

How do monthly subscriptions work?

When you purchase a monthly subscription, your credit card is billed each month automatically (Just like Netflix or Spotify). Monthly subscriptions may be canceled anytime through the Billing portal within the User Account area. Canceling an active subscription before the renewal date will allow you to continue accessing all content until the next renewal date has passed. NOTE: Canceling and tracking active subscriptions is the responsibility of each user. Clover Learning does not monitor or cancel active subscriptions.

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our 100% money-back policy! For monthly recurring subscriptions, refunds are ONLY offered for the prior month, NOT all billing months. Refunds for one-time purchases (non-subscription) must be requested within the first 30-days of purchase. Please contact us at support@cloverlearning.com to request a refund.

Note: For courses that offer CE, we cannot provide a refund if any post-course assessment was attempted.

Do you offer academic licenses?

Yes! Our Academic Licenses are an incredible and cost-effective way to provide students and educators access to any of our courses or BootCamp bundles! RadTechBootCamp academic licenses are used by over 250 radiography programs in the U.S., Canada, and Internationally. Academic Licenses can be sold directly through the radiography program or sold at the school's bookstore. Please visit our Academic License info page to learn about our Academic Licenses and schedule an overview meeting.

Can I cancel a subscription at any time?

Absolutely! All active subscriptions may be canceled at any time by accessing the Billing portal within the User Account area. Note: Canceling an active subscription before the renewal date does not end course access. It only stops the monthly recurring charges.

AMERICAN REGISTRY OF RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGISTS® and ARRT® are registered trademarks owned by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Clover Learning is not licensed by, endorsed by, or affiliated with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

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