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About Subscriptions

Our monthly subscriptions are automatically reoccurring, just like how Netflix or Spotify works.

Once you have purchased a monthly subscription your credit card will be AUTOMATICALLY charged monthly on the corresponding date of first subscription purchase. For example, if you purchased a subscription on the 5th of October, then you will receive an automatic charge to your credit card on the 5th of each corresponding month.

If you want to use your course for only a single month, then you will need to access your account and cancel that recurring subscription BEFORE your first renewal date.

NOTE: Canceling your subscription before your renewal date will ONLY stop future automatic charges. 

Canceling your subscription before the renewal date will not prevent you from accessing your course content, it only serves to end future automatic charges. Your course access will END after your next renewal date has passed. For example, if you purchase a subscription on the 5th of October and cancel your subscription on the 10th of October, you will still have full access to your course until the 5th of November.